Bio: I am an old soul, with a young heart and a confused mind. I trust too easily and listen too little, but my instincts are usually right. I am not a fan of odd numbers, except for my birth date, and my favorite word is acclimate. I don't have perfect grammar, but I am a fan of aposiopesis with the ellipsis punctuation - you will see it often. I am definitely a 'people watcher'; not just for the occasional good laugh, but because sometimes people reveal themselves, in the most genuine way, when they don't know they are being observed. I hate bugs, but I love being outside; especially in the northern woods. The sounds, the smells, and the way the sun shines through the trees...my perfect get-away. Any-who, I'm here to write and share my thoughts, because frankly I'm a little lost. I hope you enjoy learning about me, as I will too...

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