“Worry weighs a person down…”

“Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up.” – Proverbs 12:25 NLT

So, I was feeling a little disheartened.  Now, there are two people who are my ‘go to people’ in situations like this; my husband and my Mom.  They remind me of what’s important and allow me to refocus.  After wiping my tears and blowing my nose, I then prayed.  I thanked God for all He has given us and acknowledged that I completed trusted Him and that His will was all that I was interested in.  After that, I looked at my phone and opened the K-Love app.  When I opened the app, the music that was playing was from the artists called, “The Afters”.  Their song, “Every Good Thing” was blaring loud and clear…

“You’re the reason for every good thing, every heartbeat, everyday we get to breathe…You are, you are…here in every moment and I know it…”

While hearing that, and smiling from it, I searched the app more and checked out the Bible verse of the day.  Take a wild guess at what verse that was…yes, the one that is my heading for this post.  Reading this verse, I then said to God, “Your right God.  I am not going to worry about this, I am confident in you.  Just like the song, you are the reason for every good thing.  I am thankful for all you do, because I know I don’t deserve it.  You are always faithful, even when I am not.”

I don’t know what God has in store, but I do know that His intention is not to hurt me.  This life is NOT as good as it gets.  There is more and it involves God’s Kingdom.  All the refining that happens to me here on earth, only builds God’s Kingdom.  Until then, I can’t let others bring me down.  I can’t let it get in my head and rob me of the joy I feel.  When I do, I go to a dark place that allows for the enemy to get stronger.  I will not have that.  Not this time.  I might break down and fall short sometimes, but those feelings won’t remain.  I am becoming a stronger person each time and I only have God to thank for that.

Each day I get right now, is a blessing.  I will NOT feel bad or worry about it.  I will embrace it and acknowledge this life.  If no one else wants too, that’s fine – but I will…I WILL.